Olds Cutlass S

Cutlass S

The Olds Cutlass S was introduced for 1968. Powering this beast were a 250 CID Chevrolet I6, 350 CID 2bbl Olds V8 or 350 CID 4bbl Olds V8. The nose was updated for 1969 and the generation lasted through 1972.

All Cutlass models were morphed into the colonnade look for 1973. The appearance was basically the same through 1975. Arguably the best looking Cutlass S was introduced for 1976 with rectangular headlamps and a slanted nose. It was clear that Oldsmobile made it for the Nascar Winston Cup circuit. The final year for the S model was 1977. The next year, the Cutlass Calais replaced it.


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  1. Does anyone have an image of a 1969 Red oldsmobile – i would love to have a picture of an orignal advertising or where i can find one to put a picture on a blanket for a christmas gift for a person restoring one. Or have you restored one.. Rocket100 if I could have your image above that would be great…would love to have it on a throw blanket.

    • Sorry for the late reply— What kind of ’69 Olds you need a picture of? A Cutlass S? I’ll keep my eyes open on the web. You can use anything you see here.

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