Olds Starfire

The Starfire, as its own model, was sold starting in 1961 as a convertible only. A 2-door joined the fray in 1962. A 394 V8 was the only engine up until 1964.

For 1965 and 1966, a 425 V8 was optional. Also available these years was a 4-speed Hurst-shifted manual transmission. The convertible was no longer available in 1966, and the Starfire itself was put on hiatus after this year.

For 1975, the nameplate returned as a small Olds. This Starfire was an H-body, with engine offerings including a 140 I-4, a 151 I-4, a 231 V6, and a 305 V8.

For ’79, the Starfire received an update to the front end appearance. The nameplate lasted through the 1980 model year. Starfire was spiritually replaced in 1982 with the front wheel drive Firenza.


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