Olds Futuramic 88

Futuramic 88

This B-body Olds was brand new for 1949. Multiple body choices were sold and these were Club Coupe (2-door with trunk), Club Sedan (2-door fastback), Sedan (4-door with trunk), Town Sedan (4-door fastback), Convertible Coupe (2-door ragtop w/ trunk), and Station Wagon (4-door wagon). The wheelbase was pegged at 119.5 inches.

Under the hood was a 303 CID 2bbl V8 that made 135hp. Both a 3-speed manual and a 2+2 dual range automatic were available as transmission choices. This was a lot of power for the day, and the insurance companies didn’t know better, as the term ‘muscle car’ wasn’t coined yet.

The Futuramic 88 name was still being used for 1950. The biggest change was that the body styles and body descriptions were getting shuffled around. The Town Sedan was dropped from the offerings. Those carried over were Club Coupe (2-door w/ trunk), Club Sedan (2-door fastback), Sedan (4-door w/ trunk), Station Wagon (4-door wagon) and Convertible Coupe (2-door ragtop w/trunk). Two new configurations were added. These were a 2-Door Sedan (2-door w/ trunk, lesser trimmed than Club Coupe), and a Holiday Coupe (pillarless 2-door w/ trunk). The same 303 V8 as in the ’49s powered the ’50 versions.

The Futuramic 88 name faded from the marketing effort for 1951. The next basic 88 series car was affectionately known as the ‘Rocket’ 88 by the motoring public.


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