Olds Silhouette

Debuting for 1990, The Silhouette, was the only van ever offered by Oldsmobile. The first generation was known as the ‘dustbuster’ generation due to its shape. It was based on General Motors’ W-body platform. People either loved the look or hated the look. The first engine offered was the 3.1L V6 which lasted until 1995. The 3800 V6 was offered as an option starting in 1992, and lasted until 1995 as well. As of 1996, a 3400 V6 was the only engine offered.

Completely restyled for 1997, the van gained a more appealing look that potential buyers could deal with. The 3400 still held on, and was carried over until the final model year. The last few hundred of the bunch were specials known as Final 500 editions. The Final 500 package included special commemorative dark cherry red paint, embroidery, wheels, and badges. The last model year was 2004, just as Oldsmobile was closed down.


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