Olds Model 42

Oldsmobile Model 42

The Olds Model 42 was a new entry for the 1914 model year. This first year it was offered only as a 4-door touring sedan which had room for 5 passengers. The wheelbase at this time was 112 inches, and curb weight was just 2800 lbs. It was the compact Olds of its era. For power, it used a 196 CID I4 that made just 20hp. Shifting was done by a 3-speed manual transmission. Stropping power was provided by 2 wheel brakes at the rear.

For 1915, a new engine was added halfway through the model year. This one was a 194 CID I4 and power actually climbed 50% to 30hp. The 4-door now carried a ‘T’ suffix, while a new 2-door roadster version carried an ‘R’ surname. This second year was also the final year of the Model 42.


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