Olds Golden Rocket 88

Golden Rocket 88

If anything, it was a marketing ploy, much like the names of ‘Deluxe 88’, ‘Futuramic 88’, and ‘Rocket 88’ in years past. However, this was a new name for the starting point of the 88 series in 1957 and just for this year. Like most cars of ’57, it too had the long headlight and taillight brows.

Body styles were expanded over the previous 88 series. This time around were offerings of coupe, sedan, Holiday hardtop coupe, Holiday hardtop sedan, convertible and the Fiesta station wagon.

This one inherited more power with two available engines. First was a 371 CID 4bbl V8 making 277hp. Plus, a 371 CID 3x2bbl V8 making 314hp could have been had. The latter engine, itself was also known as the Golden Rocket.

This model was replaced by the Dynamic 88 for ’58.


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