Olds C Series Truck

The C-Series truck was produced between 1936 and 1939. It was rarely available in North America and built mainly for export to Europe and Australia. This was due to the established Olds brand at the time in those places. Also, the GMC brand was starting to get a stronghold in the U.S., and GM did not want to cannibalize those sales.

Oldsmobile offered a genuine full line of trucks with a wide range of wheelbases and weights.

The sub-model designations were determined by the truck’s wheelbase: C-157= 157 inch, C-131= 131 inch , etc.

1936 models featured a 213 c.i.d. straight 6 powerplant backed by a 4-speed manual transmission. Wheelbases available were 131 inches and 157 inches. Capacities available were 1-1/2 tons or 2-1/2 tons. Bodies offered were flatbed or drop-side units.

1937 brought forth some changes which were generally carried over for the 1938 model year. Newly available was a new 3-speed transmission in the lighter sub-models, as well as an available panel body. The 131″ and 157″ wheelbase moved forward, plus 112″ and 122″ were added to the check-off sheet. The big news was a larger 230 cubic inch engine. Rated capacities were 3/4 ton, 1-ton or 2-1/2 ton.

The big news for the 1939 model year was a wheelbase change. All previous lengths were dropped and replaced with 124″, 133″, and 159″. All else was largely carried over.


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