Olds Super 88

Super 88

The ‘Super’ version of the 88 series arrived for 1951. It was trimmed out nicer than the basic 88, plus the standard engine was always larger. Plus for the first year, the Super 88 had a half inch longer wheelbase than the regular 88, which brought it up to a solid 120 inches.

Base and Deluxe were the two trim levels. Base was sold just as a 4-door sedan. Deluxe came in 2-door coupe, 2-door Club coupe, 2-door Holiday coupe, or convertible. In the first year, powering them all was a 303 CID 2bbl V8 making 135hp.

For 1952, the Super lost some exclusivity because the regular 88 now shared the 120 inch wheelbase of the Super 88. The Super did get a standard 303 CID 4bbl V8 making 160hp though, which was 15 more than the base 88 engine. This year, the Deluxe trim was dropped from the Super, and it was just the base car now, which by no means was a stripper. Body styles now were 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan, Club coupe, Holiday coupe and convertible.

The 303 4bbl rose in horsepower to 165 for 1953. Body styles were the same as the 1952 lineup, except the Club coupe was no longer available.

The same four bodies were around for the redesigned 1954s. Wheelbase grew to 122 inches. The engine was now a 324 CID 4bbl V8 that made 185hp.

In 1955, a Holiday sedan was added to previously mentioned body lineup. The 324 4bbl now produced 202hp.

The 1956 cars were carried over with minor appearance changes. The 324 4bbl was now up to 240hp.

A Fiesta station wagon was added in 1957, bringing the number of body styles to six. The engine was changed over to a 371 CID 4bbl making 277hp.

The count was back down to five configurations for 1958, as the 2-door sedan was dropped this year. Wheelbase was bumped a half inch to 122.5 inches. Power choices were a 371 CID 4bbl with 305hp, or a 371 3x2bbl V8 making 312hp.

In 1959, the wheelbase was increased once again to 123 inches. The samne five styles carried over. The engine was bumped up to a 394 CID 4bbl V8 making 315hp.

The 4-door sedan was now known as the Celebrity 4-door sedan as of 1960. The Holiday coupe was now known as Holiday SceniCoupe. The Holiday sedan was known as the Holiday SportSedan. The convertible and Fiesta wagon kept the old naming. The 394 4bbl carried over unchanged.

The base 1961 engine was still the 394 4bbl, but it now made 325hp. The terms’ SceniCoupe and SportSedan were reverted back to their old nomenclature this year. The Celebriy name stuck around for the 4-door post car.

The convertible was dropped for 1962, even though the ‘lower’ Dynamic 88 still offered one. The 394 4bbl was now rated at 330hp.

The 1963 cars were carried over in every regard, save for a few minor appearance updates.

1964 was the final year for the Super 88. Just two bodies were offered at this time, both 4-doors. One was the Celebrity post car, and the other was the Holiday hardtop car. The base 394 carried over with no changes. However, there was now a 394 CID High Compression 4bbl V8 that was optional and it made a whopping 345hp.


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