Olds Toronado

Introduced in 1966, the Olds Toronado was the first mass produced front wheel drive American car since the Cord. Originally powered by a 425 cubic inch big block Rocket, the latter part of this generation got the new 455 CID Rocket. Though longer, the ’66-’70 generation had the same basic shape as a ’68’-72 Cutlass. Hideaway headlamps were a feature until 1969. For 1970, the headlamps became unshrouded, but the car retained the same basic design.


For 1971, the Toronado received a redesign, this time being more squared off than the previous generation. These Toros featured safety features such as high mount stop lamps, and available airbags.


The ’75 up models received rectangular headlamps. A 455 V8 was standard and available until 1976. For ’77, the 455 was dropped, replaced by a 403 small block V8. Also for ’77, power t-tops were an option. 1978 was the last year of the ‘long’ Toronados.


For 1979-1985, the Toronado was downsized and became even more squared off. Engine choices for this generation were a 252 V6, 307 V8, 350 V8, and a 350 diesel V8. Overdrive became standard in 1982.


The Toro was once again redesigned in 1986, shrinking a bit more and getting a more aerodynamic rounded look. Engine choice, or lack thereof, was limited to an evolution of the 3.8L V6. The instrument cluster became digital, and a voice alert system was an option. For 1987, The Trofeo luxury trim package came about. The same basic Toro and Trofeo lasted until 1989.


For 1990, in an attempt to bolster sagging sales, the car grew a few inches in length and slightly in width. Still this was too little, too late. The last year for the Toronado was 1992.


Wheelbase: 119.0″

F/R Track Width: 63.5″/63.0″

Overall Length: 211.0″ (’66-’67), 211.4″ (’68), 214.8″ (’69), 214.3″ (’70)

Overall Length: 78.5″

Overall Height: 52.8″

Curb Weight: 4366lbs-4410lbs.

Available Engines: 425 CID- 4BBL V8 (’66-’67), 455 CID- 4BBL V8 (’68-’70)

Carburetion: Rochester Quadrajet

Available Transmissions: 3-SPEED AUTOMATIC TH425

Fuel Capacity: 26.0 gallons


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